We’ve Only Just Begun!

We started our YouTube Channel  😀  It’s all about Seth and The Seth House.

We have been busy uploading video recordings from Seth Talk, our 1:00 PM (EST) Sunday online video discussion group. We’ve set this up on Facebook, so friends can interact each week in the comments are during the broadcast. Discussions will be different each week and include one exercise that Seth gave us in his books. We are spontaneous and in the moment, so you never know what we’ll be saying next. It’s fun, it’s friendly, and you’re invited to participate or just watch as it happens.

We want to grow our YouTube page into creating more videos here of the progress we are making. We are also thinking about recording the PsyTime Meditations and uploading them in the near future.

We also want to collect a library’s worth of Seth videos, documentaries, and other people speaking about Seth. Kind of a SETH VIDEO-RAMA so that people everywhere can click in and get a good dose of Seth, with plenty of variety, no matter where they are. We envision hundreds of videos and audios of Seth recordings, lectures about Seth, and whatever else we can find that feels right to share with you. A whole new era has begun here of sharing Seth’s information.

Join our Facebook Discussion Group so you too can be a part of the discussions.

Please also subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch it grow.

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