Painting by Jane Roberts who channeled Seth at 458 W Water St Elmira NY
Painting by Jane Roberts. “The dreamer dreams… and the dreamer within the dream dreams.” – Early Sessions, Volume 9, Session 447


Let’s Create a Beautiful Place Together

The Vision is to make this house beautiful again, and to open it up for visitors from around the world to visit and enjoy.

We hope to create a special place that promotes inner peace and wellness, and encourages people to explore and discover for themselves their own spiritual connectivity with what Seth called “All that Is.” Seth pointed to a multi-dimensional reality of which we are all part, and encouraged us to explore the true nature of our own eternal souls.

We invite people who appreciate Seth’s words of wisdom to be able to meet here and enjoy this space. It is truly awe-inspiring to read the books in the very place where they were first channeled and to contemplate the profound and far-reaching nature of this information.


Dream Along With Us…
Let’s Co-create the Vision of What The Seth House Can Be…

The house was originally built as a mansion in 1888. front of the Seth houseIt was divided into apartments in the 1930’s. There are eight apartments in the main house. Jane and Rob occupied apartment 5 for fifteen years, then also rented apartment 4 as an annex and office for four years. Both are on the second floor.

This building is a fixer-upper, obviously, and that’s a good thing because we can put our hearts into bringing out the best that it can be. It’s our aim to open these rooms up for public access and to decorate them comfortably. There’s so much potential here!

This is where Seth spoke for 12 years. It has been closed off from the public as private apartments since the mid-1970’s. We want everyone to be able to visit this place and simply enjoy the magic of being here.


“There is nothing more stimulating, more worthy of actualization, than the desire to change the world for the better. That is indeed each person’s mission (intently). You begin by working in that area of activity that is your own unique one, with your own life and activities. You begin in the corner of an office, or on the assembly line, or in the advertising agency, or in the kitchen. You begin where you are.” [Nature of Mass Events, Session 850]


The grounds are beautiful with room to grow. There are old trees, spacious green lawns, ample garden space, all of which can be manicured and cultivated to be the pride of the neighborhood. Cute tea houses and cozy gazebos can be set up for multiple uses year round.

There is also a very large Carriage House toward the back of the property. It boasts a six car garage on the lower level and a four bedroom living area on the top two floors. This can be converted into comfortable lodgings for guests and a useful space for a retreat facility. There is room for over 20 cars to park on the property comfortably. There is plenty of garden space around this building and seating areas for outdoor conversations too.



inside view of Apartment 5 living/dining area

Apartment 5 – Where Seth Spoke Through Jane

This is where Jane Roberts and Robert Butts lived from 1960-1975. Imagine the awe of simply being in the room where Seth channeled all this information to us. Sit quietly in the atmosphere of that room. Look out through the original bay windows that they looked out of. Look into three original mirrors still hanging on the walls and door all these years later. Sit where Jane channeled, sit where she wrote, be in Rob’s art studio, and perhaps even pick up on the creative inspiration which Seth gave so freely. The magic still lingers in this timeless and spacious present.



View of hall staircase
From the 2nd floor looking down the stairway. Note the decades old unfinished paint job and broken banister.
After 7 years of successful restoration efforts, the place is so much better now. However, The Seth House still needs a lot more work. And we’re on it!

The building, as it stands, is still a mess in places and still needs more repair. As bad as it looks on the outside, we can assure you, it looked (and sometimes smelled) just as bad on the inside. Honest, it’s much better now.

Fortunately most of the apartments have been restored, cleaned and painted – and what a difference that makes! More apartments need more TLC, as well as the back Carriage House that looks like it shouldn’t still be standing, but it is and it will continue to.  Taking care of this place, inside and out, is what we’re committed to doing. The main thing to realize is:  It’s all do-able and we are the people who are doing it.


Come In signThe Welcome Center

The next project we want to work on will be to create the Welcome Center.  Apartment 2 on the ground floor looks to be the likely location. Here is where people first arrive to explore the place and ask questions about the wonderful history of the Seth material. This will be where we welcome you and others who come to attend our events and gatherings.


Jane Roberts booksBookstore • Library • Gift Shop

We will have a beautiful bookstore and gift shop containing all of the books, in every language available. Imagine with us a peaceful place, with a cozy and inviting atmosphere, and comfy chairs. There may even be a cozy cafe with coffee, tea and yummy treats. Also a gift shop with items related to the Seth material. We will display photos, art and memorabilia to inspire us all.


Dear Seth antique typewriterMuseum

This is already a safe space for housing some of the historic items for the Seth Museum. Personal items Jane and Rob owned, furnishings, cards and letters they sent and received. Copies and original documents of Jane and Rob’s writings, artwork, etc. Other items of significance for Seth readers include memorabilia from Seth Conferences and Publications that supported and circulated Seth’s ideas. These items will be safely housed and honored whether they are loaned or donated to The Seth House. Items that were once theirs years ago can now come back to roost where they will be appreciated by so many Seth fans and admirers.


Jane Roberts with shelf of notebooksPhoto Archives

We want photos of everything: Jane and Rob through the years, any pictures of Seth speaking through Jane, friends who attended ESP Classes… and where the heck can we find pictures of Willy the cat? We are actively seeking and requesting copies of photographs of this house in all of its various incarnations. We are trying to piece together exactly what it looked like over the years, interior furnishings, wall colors, etc. This will help inform us as we go about the creative art of restoration. We will display many of these photos around the house and offer it up as an online archive for further research and for everyone to enjoy.


man meditating on beachSeth Sanctuary
A Place of Peace and Contemplation

The house has an amazing vibe. Outside there are big trees, a grassy yard and gardens. Across the street a gorgeous river flows and lovely nature areas to walk near the river. Inside, The Seth House naturally lends itself to finding quaint nooks and nice little hideaways for quiet contemplation. Inside and out we will create quiet places to sit, read, meditate, and go into your own inner world. We will provide a peaceful place for contemplative reflection and study. This very special place, especially with your Seth books in hand, which will lend itself to entering into deep personal contemplation and introspection. If you enter here with this intention, you will find plenty of this and more.


people drinking coffee at a tableCommunity Center • Conference Center • Retreat Center

This is one of the most important dreams we have been enjoying. To really bring people together from all over the world to enjoy how meaningful this space really is and to spend beautiful days here interacting with each other and listening to thought-provoking and spiritually profound lectures, workshops, by notable and world renowned speakers.

This is what it’s all about—bringing us together to share these words of wisdom with each other. There’s so much we can do here.


This is a Dream
That So Many Seth Readers Have Long Shared

Many of us who have been inspired by Jane and Rob’s work have wanted a special place like this for honoring the Seth material. We’ve also wanted to visit the place where it all began, this very building, the Seth House. So finally the moment is at hand, and it’s been long overdue.

This building, their former home, office and art studio, is the obvious place for our “Seth Home” to be. This is a natural gathering place to be preserved and dedicated to the enrichment of future generations. There is such rich potential for further research into the areas of study which Seth laid out for us.

If enough of us cared, and enough of us got together, there is nothing that would stop us from making this house a beautiful place for so many people to enjoy and be enriched by. We promise to put your tax deductible contributions to work wisely. We will get to the heart of the matter with promoting the Seth material, and bringing people together, and making a community center we will all be proud of.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to manifest this vision—and we are charged up and ready to roll. We will make this shabby old building transform and shine brightly. We will create facilities that welcome people from around the world, and embrace the local community in loving arms.

Please go to the Donate page and see how you can share the vision and be proud to be a vital part of making the Seth House happen.