Welcome to The Seth House

“You create your own reality.”   –  Seth


THE SETH HOUSE is the apartment building in Elmira, New York where Jane Roberts and Robert Butts lived from 1960-1975. This is where Jane Roberts channeled most of the Seth Books. Seth’s information is profound, transformational and life changing.

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Jane Roberts with typewriter

Together they wrote forty-five books, selling nearly eight million copies, all of which are  still in print. Their books have been translated into over a dozen languages reaching an ever-growing worldwide readership.

Seth’s message is timeless, uplifting and self-empowering. Many well-known authors, speakers and teachers have been influenced by Seth, whose refreshing insights about consciousness, personal wellness, and the exploration of other realities is an inspiration to millions of readers today.

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation has been established to honor the remarkable achievement that took place on this very site.

We are happy to announce that we have Recently Purchased this Building. This has been a 5 year dream come true, thanks to the efforts of volunteers and the generous donations of Seth readers and friends from all over the world. Now it is time to restore this legendary building and to open it up as a place for all to enjoy.

Today, the building is in dire need of repair. The aim of this 501c3 is to restore and preserve this building, to make it something beautiful, and to simply appreciate what happened within these very walls. Come see where history was made.

Jane Roberts channeling Seth

The intention for the building is to not only be a special place for those who love the Seth books, but also to be of service to our local Elmira community. This building will be made available for public events promoting wellness, personal exploration, creativity and inner peace.

A major event of great significance happened here, not so long ago, and it’s time we honor, preserve and beautify this place with the hope that it will have a positive influence on the world around us now and also for future generations.

We welcome you to be part of this exciting adventure.

We are offering great VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES and unlimited possibilities for new friends to join us. Also please see our DONATE page to find more ways you can become part of this important endeavor. There are so many ways to help support this vision and to participate in co-creating a 501c3 non-profit that will have so much to offer.

Thank you for your support!  •  This place is for you!