Black and white line drawing of the seth house


The Place:
458 West Water Street 
Elmira • New York • 14905 • USA

Mailing Address:  PO Box 458, Elmira, NY 14902

Phone:   (607) 442-1315


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We are Open to Receiving Visitors Now

Passing through town and want to check out the place?
Making a special pilgrimage from across the country or across the world?

Let us know your timing. We’re welcoming visitors.

Are you a local resident from the nearby area who would like to volunteer to help out at the Seth House and become part of this fun and ever-widening community and circle of friends. Cool! Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

We have so much to offer and are actively seeking others to share the bountiful blessings of The Seth House.

If you have any questions – Please contact us, we’re here with the answers.

If you want to donate to the cause – Thank You! – Please visit the Donate page.

The Seth House is an important part of the Global Seth Community
and an important new addition to our beloved Elmira Community.

Enjoy the beautiful co-creations and unlimited possibilities with us…


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This is a safe and friendly place to share Seth quotes and open discussions about the material. Join the joyful discussion:


elmira airport
Our local airport makes it easy to visit Elmira. Only 20 minutes away with a statue of Mark Twain (Elmira’s other famous author) sitting on a bench right out front.
How to Get Here

By Air:  The Elmira-Corning Airport (ELM) is just 20 minutes away. Here are 2 helpful flight-finders: and  (also Google).  ELM has 2 main carriers:  Delta (regular connections to Detroit) and Allegiant Air with many connections to Florida… There’s also Ithaca Airport (50 mins away) and Binghamton Airport (1 hour away) if you’re planning to rent a car.

Buses:  You can get to NYC or Newark NJ, then get a bus or train ride up to Elmira. The local Bus Station is 3 minutes and less than a mile away. Here are helpful bus route finder services: and

Taxi:  The best cab service in town is:  Total Transport. 
Drive:  There is plenty of street parking in the neighborhood.




We Look Forward to Meeting You Here… 🙂