The Seth House was featured on the popular Upstate New York program “Hidden Landmarks” hosted by J.D. ILES.

We so appreciate his support and his sincere interest in the material. He’s helping to promote Seth, and our work, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for his endorsement and kind words.

We thank him so much for putting into his own words what this place means to him, as well as wanting to promote our work at the foundation and the vision we are sharing with the world and the wonderful town of Elmira, New York. We are so grateful to him for this beautiful portrayal of what this place is all about.

We are so grateful for the time and kind words that JD put into this. Kate and Oshara were in the next room watching the live broadcast and we cried as we heard his kind appraisal of Seth, the House, and our hard work. It felt so good.

Here’s a beautiful quote in this video from J. D. ILES:

“The Seth material has helped give countless people direction in their lives; it has helped people’s understanding of the world; it has given people’s lives meaning and richness; it has inspired people to be better and more creative and more fulfilled… So I personally have been doing a little bit of Seth reading and I am actually surprised how much the material has meant to me. Whenever I pick up a book I’m looking for a writer that’s really going to engage my mind, and that took seconds for this to happen with this particular book, Seth Speaks.” … I want to encourage you to take a look at this material, because it is very interesting.”  – J. D. ILES, host of “Hidden Landmarks”, a popular show in Elmira NY.


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Blessings to you J. D. and thank you for your endorsement of Seth, The Seth House,
and the hard work that this Foundation has done to make this
a source of pride and joy for Elmira NY.