“After watching the televised events from all over the world, Tuesday night I dreamed that in the future all households would be connected to interconnecting computers, keeping track of all inhabitants, actions, goods, and so forth. Thursday in the mail I received a letter all about the new home-sized computers, how they worked, and how one could be used to work with our records and sessions….” [Personal Sessions 6, Jane’s Notes on Hostages (1981?)]


The Seth Community Has So Much to Offer!

There are so many people out there helping to spread Seth’s great ideas.
Here are some important websites with so much to say.
Check them out. There are some great contacts to be made.


open laptop showing seth house websiteThe Seth House

Website:  www.TheSethHouse.org

Facebook Group: THE SETH HOUSE – Discussion Group
… Lively FB Discussion Group.

Facebook Page: The Seth House – 501c3
… A scrapbook of our history.

YouTube:  The Seth House

Twitter:   Seth House Twitter Page



The World

Tim Hart Hart on YouTube – He reads the Seth Books beautifully!

Finding Seth / Now Dictation – An excellent “Search Engine” and index to root through the Seth material.

New Awareness Network Publishing – Rick Stack’s website. You will find all of the Seth materials for sale, books, CDs and prints. He also has online courses on Seth, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming plus study groups. You’ll find descriptions of the classes at The Seth Institute.  The Seth Learning Center has more Seth information, in several different languages.

Seth Research Project – Mary Dillman spent the last 10 or more years of her life devoted to continuing research on the Seth materials, and Jane and Rob. Her Resources page has several useful lists to download, such as a  complete list of the Sessions, indexes of sessions and books. This website and Mary’s legacy is now in the loving care of Deb Tejada.

Speaking of Seth – Online discussion forum for fans of the Seth materials and other esoteric topics. Founded in 2014, the forum has just celebrated its 6th anniversary. Come join a private group in a comfortable setting to discuss or learn more about the materials.

New World View – Paul Helfrich’s site is a wealth of information for Seth readers. Here you’ll find podcasts, videos, articles and essays.

Seth Freunde Website … Seth Freunde Facebook … Seth has a big following in German speaking countries.

Seth in Taiwan – As promoted by Dr Hsu, Seth is quickly taking Taiwan by storm.