All skills are needed and you will be adored and appreciated beyond your wildest dreams.  If you’re interested in helping the cause, please let us know. There are so many ways to be part of this adventure in conscious co-creation.  We are looking for people willing to give of their skills.

This is a team effort and we are inviting more people to be on the team. We would like to meet like-minded and good-hearted new friends to join us here. We are beginning the next stage of manifesting The Seth House, so let’s bring more people along to enjoy this new phase of the journey and to share this vision.


So Many Volunteer Opportunities 

Here are things we need help with that we’d LOVE people to bring their creative energy to :

Administrative Work • Fundraising • Grant Writing • Community Outreach • Meet & Greet Tours of the House • Videographers for Video/Audio Editing • Computer Stuff • Painting • Helping with our Facebook pages and YouTube Channel • Development Director • Programming Director • Event Coordinator • CrowdFunding Campaigns • Facilitating Seth Groups  • Talking About Seth • Generally Cleaning Up the Place • Hospitality • Creatively Channeling the Highest Good for All • And More Good Ideas Than We Can Possibly Imagine… 

Whatever you think you can bring to this adventure – we probably need it.


Generate Good Karma 💙 Meet Good People


Something magical is happening at The Seth House
and you can be part of it.

The good energy you put out there – always has a way of coming back to you – many times over.

Call us and let’s talk about what you’d like to do.  There are so many projects we are taking on. There’s bound to be something here that’s just right for you.  Maybe you’ll be the one to offer up new ideas that will add just the right magical touch to this place.  It’s the people that are what matters most.

Be sure to get on the email list to receive updates and tell your friends. New and better realities are manifesting every day. So let’s have fun and enjoy the ride to greater awakenings together.

Also, because ‘word of mouth’ is the best advertising, please be one of our advertisers by helping to spread the word about what’s going on here at The Seth House. We need more public awareness brought to this place so it can grow.


Feel free to call us at:  (607) 442-1315
Email:  Info@TheSethHouse.org



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