January 24, 2021

Our “Seth exercise” today is Replacing Negative Images with Constructive Ones. This is a mental exercise we will do together. I hope to guide all watching (Live or replay) to hear Seth’s words then experience this together. You can find this about 1 hour into the recording. Thank you to Mickey, Audrey and Martyn for a wonderful conversation.

We will also be talking about Seth Practices or as we like to refer to it as “Practical Seth”. We want your input too, we invite your questions and comments - Write them on this FB Live Feed as it happens. Join the fun! 😀 We have created something very special to bring pure Seth Talk to anyone who wants to listen in... Wish us luck, we're all about Seth…

For this broadcast we have invited over 28 Seth Conversationalists to share what we will call a SETH PANEL DISCUSSION GROUP... Some can join and some cannot because of other commitments. The invitation is open ended. If you would like to be on the Zoom Conversationalist list for a future Seth Talk, just drop me an email at info@thesethhouse.com as to who you are and how you became interested in Seth. What books you have read or are reading. As usual we will post this to YouTube later in the week. I’ll be watching for your comments and questions We love our Facebook Friends