Welcome to Our Exciting New SOCIAL MEDIA Page!

We have been working very hard to create all these wonderful accounts to help get the word out about Seth and to share the great ideas offered in the material. Please feel free to become a member and enjoy receiving Seth wisdom and Seth House updates anytime you feel like checking in.

For almost the entire 7 years we’ve been working on this project – we have had our website, 2 Facebook sites, and a YouTube channel – All of which are now undergoing some remodeling plans.

An amazing thing we discovered, that kind of blew us away, was that on most of these new Social Media sites we’ve been opening up – there were no previously existing Seth Sites at all. How strange and wonderful to be blazing new trails and opening new outlets for Seth’s wisdom. Well social media is still a relatively new experiment in human history, and we are glad to be opening the new frontiers for quoting Seth much more often now, and in the future.


THE SETH HOUSE – Social Media Links

We’ve had this group for 6 years. Wonderful community of 5,000 members. Come join us.

X (Twitter)https://twitter.com@TheSethHouse
We’ve had this for a year but now we’re really going to start putting it out there.



TikTokThe Seth House






Find Us on Facebook

We have 2 awesome Facebook sites.
A huge community of online Seth support is happening here.
Community spirit is alive and well and you are welcome to join us.


THE SETH HOUSE – Discussion Group
We have a lot of great energy happening at our FACEBOOK GROUP. Come on over and meet us.

We have created a safe and  joyful “SETH COMMUNITY”. Please join us.

While there you can check out our weekly “Seth Talk”.
Live discussions about Seth.
You never know what will happen next.
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/283893822065293/


The Seth House – 501c3
This is for posting announcements about The Seth  House and will serve as a scrapbook of our progress. This is not interactive, but we hope it will be a lot of fun to go down memory lane with us.
Facebook Corporate Page: https://www.facebook.com/thesethhouse