Meet our Board of Directors


A board of directors, also known as a nonprofit board, is the governing body of a nonprofit. The members of a nonprofit board focus on the strategy, oversight, and accountability of the organization. Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Oshara WaagoPresident, CEO, Director, Co-Founder

Oshara has studied the books for over 40 years. It changed her life. She loves sharing Seth’s message. She has started more Seth Groups than she can count. She brought together the Bay Area Seth Community and co-created the California Seth Conference. Her great love of Seth brought her to Elmira, where she continues working on The Seth House every day.

Previously, she was the founder and publisher of 3 “New Age” magazines and she continues to be an avid world traveler. Co-creating The Seth House with Kate Favata is her way of ‘giving back’ for all of the inspiration and healing she has received from this amazing body of work. Her heartfelt hope is that through The Seth House, this information will positively enrich the lives of others, as it has enriched her own.

Kate - Photo by New York Times
Photo taken by New York Times
Kate FavataVice President, Treasurer, CFO, Co-Founder

Kate owns The Healing & Learning Center, in Elmira, New York which is currently closed due to covid. It was a New Age bookstore, gift shop, and community events gathering place. She is an energy healer, Reiki master teacher, and clinical hypnosis practitioner. The center was the  host to Elmira’s only Seth Discussion Group starting in 2016.

Her powerhouse skills in business management and her extensive experience with two other 501(c)(3) charitable foundations were the driving force behind the set up and professional management of The Seth House. Besides her good heart and her many talents she enjoys the sheer joy of talking with people about Seth.

Molly AhearnMolly AhearnSecretary

Formerly from NYC, she worked on Park Avenue in finance for awhile then ran like hell. She is an amazing creative spirit and tremendous organizer. Her history as an entertainer, stage performer, singer/songwriter, costume stylist and joyful catalyst for positive change invigorates this project.

Her passions now are spirituality and healing; in depth research into the nature of reality; and helping the world every day in every way.


  “Your thoughts change worlds, worlds of which you are aware and worlds of which you are not aware. … All That Is flows through you in a way that it can flow through no other…. And the touch of your hand can change a life in a way that no other individual, alive or dead, could change that life. You act upon those that you know and those that you do not know in ways that no other individual can ever act…. The truths, the honesty, and if you will forgive me, the magic of the universe shines through your eyes and your skin.” [Seth Audio Collection, CD11(1)]