Hi Seth Friends! – Let’s Talk!


On March 22, 2020, we had our first interactive Live Chat online.
We had so much fun, we kept on doing it for more than a year!
We continued through April 11, 2021.

Stay tuned for our next incarnation…

“We are now embarking upon a new point in your classes and if my friend Ruburt will allow me you shall have at times another teacher for I shall step in now and then to provide my own demonstrations. […] Any words of mine will always be spoken to quicken your own education for as I have said often, I am an educator and that is my main purpose and my purpose in this class.” [Early Class Sessions 1, 02/20/68]


  • We met every Sunday for over a year.
  • We have a panel group discussing Seth.
  • You can find all the recordings on our FaceBook Group.
  • We included one exercise, most weeks, that Seth gave us in his books and experience Psy-Time during the Live Chat.


Please join us! Some of the Topics that we have explored are:

    • Experiencing the Soul
    • Feeling Tone
    • Discovering You Own Answers and Spiritual Healing
    • Switching Internal and External Realities
    • Changing the Past in Your Mind
    • Experiencing the Present Moment
    • Finding Coordinate Points
    • Following Thoughts and Emotions Outside of Yourself
    • Painting Your Mental Landscape
    • Seeing Through Camouflage Settings


You can experience all these topics by watching our live broadcast replays on our Seth Talk Live Videos archive page.

Be sure to check in on our Facebook Group page for our next live talk, as the link is different each week. So you need to just watch for us at 1pm Eastern Time. We are so excited about all of this!

And here’s our very 1st meeting! WooHoo! Twenty-four people attended for a fun Sethie Chat-fest. Some things went wrong… and then everything went so right. All of our Chats can be found on our Seth Talk Live Videos archive page.


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