Newsflash from August 2022

See all the new updates we reported in our most recent NEWSLETTER.
We call it “New Beginnings” because that’s exactly what we are embarking upon.

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Newsflash from Late December 2021…


Great News!

The 501c3 Now Owns
“The Seth House!”


YES!  IT’S TRUE! – After years of good hard work and fundraising, The Seth House 501c3 has completed the purchase of the actual building where Jane Roberts channeled Seth! Restoration plans are moving full speed ahead.

It’s so hard to express the feelings we have inside for what is happening for us now. This legendary building will be lovingly preserved. What happened here will be honored. To be honest, we are overwhelmed with work, and our heads are spinning as we try to keep up with it all. We feel your love and support and this is possibly the most important stage in the history of this project.

We’re trying to catch up with everything, and trying to find the right words to express everything too.  We are moving in all the right directions. It’s exciting, it’s challenging, it’s overwhelming, it’s love-filled, it’s crazy, it’s a huge responsibility. Send us your positive energy and words. Join us on a really wild ride into 2022 as The Seth House begins to really take off.

We do need Volunteers and other assistance. As you can imagine, work and responsibilities have risen. Potentials have risen too. We need more people-power to work alongside with us now. If you’d like to help out, great!

We have Fundraisers kicking in now to help support the next phase of our journey – full on restoration projects to make this place beautiful again.

Then later this year, as covid dissipates, we will begin again our ongoing Seth Discussion Groups, Open House Events, and other social and life-enhancing activities. We have so many exciting ideas in the works for 2022 – And you’re invited to join us!

Please view the rest of this website to get the full picture of what this place is all about and our plans to offer so much to this local Elmira community and the worldwide audience of enthusiastic Seth Readers and friends.

This is such an important step in the development of this project. Thank you so much for all the beautiful and heartfelt support we have received. Together we can do anything, and we are proving it every day – Rock On, People!

Please join our email/snail mail list so you can receive updates of our progress. There is so much going on and we invite you to be part of the journey with us. We seek volunteers, donations, and are looking to hire on a team of people who share this dream with us. We will create the most wonderful open center on earth to honor the Seth Books and these breathtaking insights on developing our consciousness, fulfilling our potential, and making the world a better place.

There’s so much good going on here – be part of it – find out more on this website… Blessings to you all!


See the Exciting Announcements we made
about the Purchase of the House in our 2 Recent Emails:

Email #1 – Our 1st NEWSLETTER announcing this great news.
We love you! A new era has begun! –

Email #2 – Our most recent NEWSLETTER – LINK



See our bright and cheery Fundraising Campaigns that you can donate to right now
by going to our Donate Page where you will find oodles of options for how you can
support this outrageously wonderful project.


With Good People and a Seth Book – Everything is Wonderful.