We have had so many
Wonderful Events at The Seth House!

And we will again…


This place was really rocking and rolling before Covid hit. We were all enjoying our ongoing Seth Discussion Groups, Open House Tours, and Drop-in Hours for the public to just come on over, see the place and ask questions.

We also had very Special Events where people came from all over the country. We had Birthday Parties for both Jane Roberts and Robert Butts and Open House Gatherings. We also participated in local Elmira events, like the Historic District Holiday Home Tour.

Now with Covid we have had to suspend all our usual in-person happenings. But in the meantime we put more emphasis on our online presence, such as “Seth Talk” and YouTube and our Facebook pages. These have all been resounding successes that brought even more awareness to Seth and helped to welcome more people into the Seth Conversations globally! Yep, anything that happens can only make us stronger!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *. *


In the future we look forward to resuming our wonderful In-Person Events for even more people in an even bigger and better way. More Seth Gatherings! More In-House Events! More People enjoying this place and more improvements in its physical appearance. We can do this, and we will! We will make The Seth House a very special place and a lively center for the community, with so much to share and so many opportunities to participate.

We are looking forward to a POST-COVID 2022. Let’s shoot for a big ol’ Seth Conference next year! Yes, we’re dreaming big, because that’s the only way to make big dreams come true!